Hey Kids! Follow along the journey with superhero, Surge Projector, as he informs about electrical safety. Follow his 10 Simple Tips on avoiding electrical hazards. In no time you"ll be part of the Surge Protector Team!

Get your pencil crayons out and complete the Electrical Safety Colour Book.


10 Simple Tips on avoiding electrical hazards

  1. NEVER put your fingers or toys into outlets. Only cords go into outlets.
  2. NEVER use electrical equipment around water.
  3. NEVER play near broken outlets or in areas with lots of electrical cords. Example: DO NOT play near computers, TVs or stereo systems.
  4. NEVER pull a plug out by the cord.
  5. NEVER play with any torn or taped electrical cords, wires or switches and keep them away from heat and water.
  6. NEVER stick objects into electrical equipment. Example: DO NOT stick a fork in the toaster.
  7. NEVER go near a downed power line.
  8. NEVER climb utility poles, transmission towers or fences around substations.
  9. NEVER climb trees that are near power lines or fences with signs that read "DANGER", "HIGH VOLTAGE" or "KEEP OUT".
  10. ALWAYS ask for help when it comes to electricity and electrical objects.