Retail Contract Checklist

For all customers, these are some questions suggested by the Indepentant Electricty Systems Operator (IESO) for you to consider before entering into a contract with an electricity retailer:

1)    Does the retailer have a licence from the Ontario Energy Board(OEB) and can they provide proof?  Click Here for a list of OEB licensed electricty retailers.

2)    What is the price of electricity being offered and how does it compare with the price to date?  Click Here to see the current prices as per the Ontario Energy Board.

3)    How much will the Global Adjustment add to the contract price being offered? Click here!

4)    If I am an RPP customer, what is my RPP Settlement?

5)    Is the price fixed or will it increase (or decrease) in the future?

6)    How does it compare with my current service provider or other suppliers?

7)    Are there any fees or charges that I would be required to pay?

8)    Could I be required to pay charges if I leave before the contract ends?

9)    When and for how long does the contract take effect?

10)    Does the contract cover all or part of the electricity I will consume?

11)    Does the contract change if a smart meter is installed before the term of the contract?

Calculate an estimated monthly electricity bill AND see how your bill might look based on a contract with an electricity retailer.
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