What is the current rate of electricity? 

Time-of-Use Pricing

If you are on Time-of-Use rates, your consumption in kWhs is separated into three periods; On-Peak (demand is highest), Mid-Peak (demand is moderate) and Off-Peak (demand is lowest). View current rates here. View more information about Time-of-Use rates.

How often will I be billed?

All residential and commercial accounts are billed on a monthly basis. The consumption billed will be for the previous month (depending on reading dates). Therefore, the bill that you receive in June will be for consumption from the month of May. 

How often are my meters read?

  • Hydro - All residential & small commercial accounts should now have a smart meter installed at their residence. These meters allow us to read your meter every hour of each day.
  • Water – Meters are read monthly through radio transmitters which have recently been installed on all NOTL customers water meters.


Why do my bills vary in cost?

Your electricity and water consumption change on a monthly basis. Some of the contributing factors are the weather, age of the appliances in your home, how you use your energy, how many people living in your home, how often you are there and the number of days the billing period covers.

During the summer period, air conditioner, pool pumps and dehumidifiers contribute a larger portion of your billed consumption. Alternatively, in the winter an increase in consumption may be due to furnace fans, electric heat, electric fireplaces, etc.


What uses the most electricity in my home?

NOTL Hydro has energy meters on hand for residents to understand their home electrical use. We also recommend viewing your historical usage using your online account in Customer Conect. 


Major Energy Users (Effective May 1, 2016)*
Seasonal-Summer Approx Wattage       Avg Monthly
hours of use
Monthly kWh

Avg. monthly cost 

based on Avg.

TOU price**

A/C (central) 2.5 tons 3500 150 525 $89.25
A/C (room) 6,000 BTU 750 150 112.5 $19.13
A/C (room) 9,000 BTU 1050 150 157.5 $26.78
Furnace Fan Motor (Intermittent) 350 150 52.5 $8.93
Furnace Fan Motor (Continuous) 350 720 252 $42.84
Dehumidfier 350 250 87.5 $14.88
Swimming Pool 1/2 HP 900 300 270 $45.90

Filter Motor 3/4 HP

1200 300 360 $61.20
                 1.0 HP 1500 300 450 $76.50
                 1.5 HP 2100 300 630 $107.10
Swimming Pool Heater 5000 450 2250 $382.50
Ceiling Fan 60 200 12 $2.04
Fan (Portable) 115 200 23 $3.91