Peaksaver PLUS is no longer active. If you have a device and need troubleshooting help, please review the product manuals in the links provided below.

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Our Cookless Book was created to help you think of ways to cook differently, reduce your carbon footprint, help the local economy and to eat healthy meals.

We’ve put together some great energy cutting tips and incredible recipes to show you that it’s possible to create gourmet treats with minimal, or even zero energy use. Download it to your computer or tablet and enjoy.

 PDF Version - 10.3.13 – Download

iPad Textbook – Coming Soon

Learn about the different programs available to help you save money and improve your home energy efficiency. Understand and manage the amount of energy you use throughout your entire home.
Update your facility with energy efficient lighting, HVAC and other measures. Here are some helpful guides to help you measure and control your energy usage:
Conserving is easy with these helpful everyday tips. Learn about your shopping options and what to look for when you’re choosing new lighting and appliances.


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